To Peek or Not to Peek

candid portrait of bride and groom in Hamburg, Germany
Amieke + Gardy's "First Look"

Have you ever wondered what a "first look" was about?

Simple terms:

Bride and Groom ditch waiting until the ceremony to see each other.

Why this is helpful:

  • You get to spend more of the day with your beloved!

  • Portraits are taken when the you're at your best.

  • Timeline for your guests is seamless.

  • You don't miss out on the lovely cocktail hour that you paid for!

  • Your bridal party will thank you because they want to hit up the cocktail hour!

  • After the ceremony, you get to truly relax! No more hard timelines that your photographer will be wanting in order to get all the photos YOU wanted! ;)

As a photographer, I'm a huge fan of the first look. It really is the best option to maximize your day!

So, let's think of what a bride really wants: TO SEE THE GROOMS REACTION!

Picture these two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1

Groom standing at the end of the aisle and potentially hundreds of people watching him. In walks the bride with her dad: groom is super excited to see her, but is actually really self-conscious in showing his true emotions because of the "hundreds" of people staring at him!

Scenario 2

Groom is standing in a secluded place when his bride sidles up next to him. He turns and sees her for the first time with no one else around. Emotions flood and he can settle in that moment knowing that this is what the day really is about: starting a new chapter with the one his heart chose.

SO! What are your thoughts about the "first look?" Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments!

With gusto,