Letters to My Sweet Mum: Florence

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

I can't believe the textures...

Yellow mug filled with a cappuccino sitting on top of a weather wooden table in Florence, Italy.
No visit to Europe is complete until you've had a cappuccino.

Buona Sera, Mum,

Today was a great day. 

Our feet might say otherwise however. 

Lee and I walked around all day in Florence.  We saw some amazing views and lots of different textures. 

I loved it. 

My favorite part was where it was just Lee and me wondering on a road that seemed private - but was not.  Most of the people took the quickest ways to see the major sights... Lee and me? No, of course not.  We took a way that took us probably two times as long... but well worth it. 

Our hostel has been great.  Last night there were several people here; now we are down to three (Lee, me and a French woman).

We are centrally located and only a 7 minute walk from the train station and 5 minute walk to a fancy super market. 

We have been eating out one meal and then making the rest back at the hostel. 

Lee saw on a TV show that you could make pasta in a microwave... well, that is what we are eating!  One of the guest from last night was very curious and impressed at his cuisine skills with a microwave.

Tomorrow we are going to hop on a train to Pisa.  Crazy.  It is roughly 1 hour away on the fast train and only costs us 6.5 Euro each (roughly $10 U.S.)  I can not believe how easy and inexpensive it is to travel here.  I wish it was like that in the States!  I would be all over the place a lot more!

Well I am off to have a conversation with a French woman and Lee.

Have a great day... I hear there is a blizzard in WI.  I am not sad to be missing that - It has been around 55 deg and sunny the past 3 days!

With gusto,


Travel Details

Hotel Locanda Daniel found on: Hostelbookers.com

Favorite dinner: Gnudi with topped with sage and browned butter

Favorite sound: Street musicians accompanying the bells of the Duomo.

My recommendation: Wander the streets at night and notice the textures change.