WHY WEDDINGS: In the Words of Ann

You know what?  I didn't intend to be a wedding photographer when I first picked a camera at the age of 12.   I wanted to work for National Geographic or Vogue (I still get inspired by these - check out their sites!)


Wedding photography found me and I couldn't be happier.  


In 2010, Lee and I got married and my whole perspective on weddings changed: it's more than just taking pretty pictures.  We are documenting the beginning of a legacy. 


Now, regarding Lee and photographing weddings: I, of course, informed Lee that if I was gone on weekends, then he was too.  I threw a camera in his hand and taught him the trade.  7 years later, we have turned serving our clients into an artform.

We're here to come alongside and document the day that you create; we strive to serve each couple the way they need.  


We may not be photographers on retainer at Vogue or National Geographic, but we definitely take a wedding day and turn it into a spread as if it were in a magazine!  


We photograph weddings in the Midwest and way beyond (Like Hawaii, Germany, and Haiti to name a few!)  The one below is compliments of California!